Duration: 55 minutes.

The workout not only contributes to strengthening of all muscle groups, rapid burning of excess calories and negative emotions, but also develops coordination of movements, reaction time and self-confidence.

Boxers, like no one else, are able to act to the utmost in close combat, to undertake fast multi-shock series at any distance, to use both arms with equal effect and kick from any position.


Duration: 55 minutes.

A modern sports discipline incorporating the most effective elements from different types of single combat, such as boxing, karate, taekwondo and Thai boxing. A wide range of workout formats in kickboxing allows to reckon any level of fitness.


Duration: 55 minutes.

K-1 is similar to ultimate fighting and justly considered to be the most spectator kind of striking, combat martial art. It was originated in Japan as a competition where fights included such techniques as karate, kung fu, kenpo and kickboxing.

The modern K-1 is much like Thai boxing because it includes powerful kicks, and there are almost no twists and wrestling. Elbow jabs and those by open glove or its’ inner side as well as wrist and forearm punches are forbidden.

You are welcome to the commercial K-1 classes at FitFashion. This activity will suit the beginners and all who are already familiar with martial arts.


Duration: 55 minutes.

The workout enables you not only to master the skills of handling weaponry, but also to bring your efficiency, reaction, reflexes to a new qualitative level, to improve your physical form significantly. During the training, protective equipment (waistcoats, masks, guards, throat protection, etc.) is used. This avoids unnecessary injuries, makes it possible to demonstrate various techniques in full contact with the partner.

MMA (Mixed Martial Art)

Duration: 55 minutes.

MMA class enables

  • to develop strength, agility and endurance.
  • to improve muscle tone .
  • to learn self-defense techniques.
  • to feel easy in contact fights.
  • to work efficiently both in the stance using the punches and kicks and in the parterre position applying wrestler skills.

A commercial MMA class headed by the active sportsman Abdoulmadgit Magomedov is opened at our club.


Duration: 55 minutes.

This is a systemic type of self-defence, combining the best known styles of oriental traditions and European single combat, such as kickboxing, boxing, etc. Kung fu develops tactile sensitivity, favours bioenergy saturation and physical perfection.


Duration: 55 minutes.

Commercial class. Preparation for real life situations, self-defence techniques, close combat technique with effective use of kicks with arms and legs, holds, sprints, wrestling in par terre, knife handling techniques. Regular classes.


Duration: 55 minutes.

Commercial class. The weight is a sporting appliance with displaced centre of gravity. The need to maintain balance involves the work of multiple muscles that used to be free of load when working with dumbbells or barbells. The results are noticeable already from the first workout session.

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