Duration: 60 minutes.

The workout takes place under the supervision of a doctor – specialist in sports medicine and exercise therapy; the training is held in the fitness hall with the use of rehabilitation equipment.

Rehabilitation physicians use both classical therapeutic exercise methods and innovative ones: postural training, myofascial release, S. Bubnovsky's complex, yumeiho therapy.

In case of physical limitations, the sports medicine doctor will develop an individual rehabilitation programme for a set recovery period. FitFashion doctors have developed workout methods for young mothers and pregnant women, as well as anti-age programmes for people of elegant age.


Duration: 90 min and 120 min.

This is a medical complex aimed at returning the body to the state of full functionality, proper functioning of joints, improvement of posture and prevention of degenerative pathology.

The complex of rehabilitation procedures is prescribed by a doctor with proper load proportionment.


Duration: 30 to 90 minutes.

These are methods for effective health improvement, intended for general health invigoration, recovery and rejuvenation of the organism as well as for treatment of specific diseases.

The rehabilitation arsenal includes various techniques of massage - modelling, lipolytic, lymphatic-drainage, dynamic, relaxing, recreational.


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